Breakdown Cover, Your Friend at Home and Away

Breakdown cover is an insurance service that provides roadside service for motorists. It comes in a variety of types of coverage for the situations in your life where you might be driving a motor vehicle. Here is a brief rundown on the kinds and where you might use them.

At Home

As you might suspect from the name, this covers those little oopsies that occur either before you pull out of the drive or within ¼ mile of your home. This can range from charging up a dead battery or getting your keys out of the car (and you into it), to being the sane and sensible person at the scene of an accident. While breakdown coverage doesn’t take care of collision damage, your breakdown specialist can help with talking to officials and being a friendly voice at a chaotic event.

Social and Domestic

This is perfect for retirees or for people who make use of public transit for their daily work commute. The exception to the latter is if you drive to a commuter lot and park your vehicle before boarding your transport. This coverage is designed for you if your primary use is to visit friends, go to the store or make it to your appointments.


If you use your vehicle to drive to and from work or if you drive to a commuter parking lot where it is left for the day while you continue your journey by public transport, then you need commuter breakdown coverage. It can be a great boon if you have limited time to catch your ride.


Whether vacationing in Britain or abroad, breakdown insurance can save your planned trip. Traveling to local sights can be the perfect economy vacation, and educational for the entire family. If your vacation will take you abroad, breakdown cover can help plan your itinerary, make sure you have the right policy for your planned travels and pick you up if your breakdown along the road in another country. Most importantly, it provides instruction and assistance in English if you need it.

Picking Up That Second Shift

If you use your vehicle to make  a little extra cash, you will certainly want business breakdown insurance. Nothing can cut into your profits faster than discovering that your social or commuter policy doesn’t cover you while you are using your vehicle to make money.

Business Breakdown Cover

This has broad applications, and like most breakdown coverage, comes in a variety of levels and possibilities. It will cover any vehicle you use while employed in any gainful pursuit, ranging from delivering pizza to traveling to the location where you will give your next lecture. Deliveries, using your personal vehicle as a taxi, or moving goods, breakdown insurance will be of great service to you.

Vehicle Recovery

If your vehicle must be left behind for any reason, whether it is too damaged to move, and you and your passengers need to be transported to a safer location, or you have become incapacitated, your breakdown insurance can pick up your vehicle and transport it to a better location. If you must return to your regular life and the vehicle is left behind for repairs, it can be returned to you – including repatriating it.

Cost is Reasonable

The cost of breakdown insurance is extremely reasonable. Just one emergency call to your local garage, especially if you are slightly out of their service area, will consume the amount for a subscription to the service. A simple, basic plan often costs less than purchasing two meals at a family restaurant.